Data and financial reports are at the heart of every organization and leaders rely on the Accounting and Information Technology departments to provide fast and reliable data, as well as the insight to interpret it. Understanding the data and having access to it is critical to the ongoing success of any organization.

Kaiser Consulting offers a range of financial analytic services to help you to utilize your organization’s data to make informed and accurate operating decisions and minimize risk. Our ability to incorporate, assess and interpret necessary data to make decisions is important to reaching your goals and objectives. It is only with accurate information that leadership can drive growth, lower costs, adjust pricing and adapt to changing market directions.


  • Financial modeling – Price/Volume, Discounted Cash Flow, Manufacture/Buy, and other models as requested
  • Transformational services – Moving an organization to one which includes and relies on analytics for decision making
  • Analytic talent development
  • Review of current data capture, infrastructure and data quality to develop an analytic solution to fit organizational needs
  • Decision process improvement
  • Adhoc and custom reporting
Kaiser Consulting is here to assist you in reaching a higher level of organizational intelligence and business optimization by increasing the effectiveness of your decision making process.