Kaiser Philanthropy

We are privileged to uplift the lives of others through our community citizenship.


Kaiser Consulting is steadfastly committed to empowering individuals and nonprofit organizations within our Central Ohio community and beyond to reach the highest levels of success.

While supporting causes important to our employees and clients, we fulfill our commitment to uplift the communities in which we live and work through volunteering, charitable giving, talent accessibility and outreach activities.

We promote lifelong learning to enrich the lives of others, focus on initiatives which build strong community foundations, advocate for ethical business practices to build public trust with our industry, and engage with others as responsible neighbors.

Collage of Kaiser Consulting employees


Reflecting our dedication to helping others reach their full potential, Kaiser Cares is our firmwide platform for community giving and volunteerism.

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We actively participate in many activities, including:

  • volunteering to serve on boards and committees of mission-driven nonprofits
  • sponsoring events that help people in need and improve the quality of life within our communities
  • transferring knowledge through teaching, speaking, and mentoring at universities, organizations, and one-on-one
  • sharing expertise to enhance business governance through formal and informal educational programs
  • extending a helping hand to individuals and organizations who are lending a helping hand to others

Our Heritage

Kaiser Consulting's long history of philanthropy is based on the belief that engaged community citizenship is at the core of who we are as a firm. Guided by this belief, we remain devoted to contributing our time, talent, and resources to elevate the communities we touch.