Bookkeeping Consultant

This posting is part of our continuous recruitment plan, not for a specific current opening. Kaiser Consulting is actively accepting applications.

Job Location

Columbus, OH/ Central OH

Employment Type

W-2, part-time, and flexible

Job Description

We offer part-time, flexible project work for exceptional accounting and information technology professionals. Our Team Members enjoy flexing their schedules, generous benefits, quality projects, a collaborative environment, and the peace of mind that they will not be asked to work those miserable 50+ hour weeks.

We strive to find folks that not only believe in what we do but stand by our values of Integrity, Expertise, Life Balance, Client Service, High Standards and Fiscal Responsibility.

We also look for professionals who are:

  • Confident: Natural at conveying expertise and ability
  • Passionate: Excited about helping and teaching others
  • Adaptable: Positive in the face of adversity and love the challenge of an ever-changing environment
  • Solutions-oriented: Possess a bias for action and don't give up easily
  • Self-motivated: Enthusiastic about doing work that needs to be done

Candidates should possess a high degree of technical competency and the ability to work equally independently and as part of a team. A successful candidate will have proven leadership experience, confidence, and decisiveness. Problem solvers, self-starters, and highly organized individuals will flourish in this position. This position will include general accounting consulting and special project work as well.

Requirements Include

  • AS, BA or BS in accounting preferred
  • Seven plus years of experience bookkeeping or other accounting roles
  • Strong familiarity with commercial accounting software packages, as well as expertise within QuickBooks and excellent Excel skills
  • Passion and commitment to providing quality client service
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Reliable transportation and ability to commute to client locations
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Why Work at Kaiser Consulting?

We offer an ideal career path if you’re a seasoned pro looking for work-life balance, a straight-shooter yearning to escape office politics, a working parent or anyone else who’s spent years mastering the intricacies of accounting and information technology and wants diverse and challenging assignments.

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