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The Daily Reporter Discusses Kaiser Consulting's Flexible Scheduling Model

The Daily Reporter Discusses Kaiser Consulting's Flexible Scheduling Model cover image

On January 23, 2019, The Daily Reporter distributed an article titled “Flexible-hours firm is the ‘Uber of
accounting’” which discusses Kaiser Consulting’s part-time, flexible business model. Written by Brandon
Klein, the article explains how the company employs accounting and information technology
professionals who desire to work less than a full-time schedule.

In a wide-ranging interview, Lori Kaiser, founder and CEO of Kaiser Consulting, shares her personal story
about what motivated her to start her firm in the early 1990s, as well as the challenges and rewards she
has experienced as the firm has grown into a company with seven shareholders and 75+ employees.

In the article, Lori comments she is:

"proud of the workplace she has provided where employees can reasonably set their own hours to fit their lives, receive internal training and an allowance for further training.”

She also discusses the personal enjoyment she gets from teaching and mentoring other aspiring
entrepreneurs by making accounting more understandable, saying:

“Most business professionals need some basic accounting and finance skills to be successful as they
move into more senior leadership roles in their companies. But many people dread taking accounting
and think they are not going to be good at it. I like making the topics relevant and feel good knowing
that these skills will accelerate my student’s careers.”

To read the full article in The Daily Reporter, click here.

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