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Inspirational Women Accounting Leaders Discuss Diversity & Inclusion

Inspirational Women Accounting Leaders Discuss Diversity & Inclusion cover image

Accounting has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, but times are changing. There are now more women than men in accounting; however, they are generally underrepresented in leadership roles. Diversity and inclusion are top of mind in the accounting and fintech world as women and members of nondominant groups seek opportunities to overcome traditional career obstacles.

We invite you to listen to the "Inspirational Women Leaders in Accounting" episode of the Success in Accounting podcast hosted by Rob Brown to learn how marginalized professionals can succeed. The podcast is available here

The podcast features four inspirational women panelists: Lori Kaiser, CPA, CGMA, MBA, founder + CEO of Kaiser Consulting, Nayo Carter-GrayAvani Desai, and Gabrielle Luoma. The women discuss the importance of role models and support networks, leadership styles, and inclusive cultures and share career or life tips for all accounting and fintech professionals who want to become leaders, get promoted, reach the very top, or even just be more recognized and accepted.


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