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Ohio Business Owner Shares Why Child Care Is Essential

Ohio Business Owner Shares Why Child Care Is Essential cover image

Access to quality, affordable child care is a significant workforce issue throughout the United States, including our communities throughout Ohio.

We invite you to watch this video of Kaiser Consulting's founder and CEO, Lori Kaiser, sharing her thoughts on why child care is essential to Ohio businesses and workers alike.

During the pandemic, over two million women left the workforce, and they are finding it difficult to return to the workplace. We need these women to have access to affordable day care so they can reenter the workforce and help our Ohio companies grow.

Most people in Ohio want to come to work, but parents must have access to affordable and quality child care for their children so they can learn and grow and be ready for kindergarten. 

You can learn more about Groundwork Ohio, Ohio's statewide advocacy leader for early childhood education, by visiting their website here.

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