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Ideas to Grow Your Business & Your People

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Are you looking for strategies to grow your business and your people? Are you committed to being a leader and organization focused on putting your people first? Do you want tools to achieve your business goals by putting your people first?

Special guest Lori Kaiser, CPA, CGMA, MBA, founder and CEO of Kaiser Consulting, joins Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews, hosts of The Leadership Junkies Podcast, to answer these and other questions about people-first leadership, culture and business growth.

The hour-long conversation in the episode titled "Just Ask Your People: Practical Ideas to Grow Your People, Engagement and Business" covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Building, growing and running a business based upon your people’s optimal schedule
  • The death of the 40-hour work week and the benefits of having flexible schedules for your people
  • Running a people-first business and still delivering high value to all clients (including large corporations)
  • Building and nurturing an attraction model for building your team
  • The importance of cultural fit with your team members
  • Creating and using a success factor grid for your business and team
  • Interview questions to help you assess cultural and success factor fit
  • The importance of training and developing your people
  • The value of providing a training and development allowance for your people (in addition to in house training)
  • The challenge in offering flexible schedules is worth the returns
  • Gaining clarity on the skills needed for your people to advance their career (and supporting them in growing those skills)
  • Using internal processes to continually evaluate your people’s time and schedules (avoiding overwork)
  • Keys for growing and advancing your people based upon the skills needed for the next level (not just their current level)
  • Every person is different which requires enhanced listening skills to understand each person
  • The clearer you are about what kind of people you want, the clearer it will be who’s not a good fit
  • When you put your people first, they will serve your clients well
  • Be willing to fire clients that don’t treat your people well
  • Be willing to say no to potential clients that don’t fit your people first model
  • It’s essential to understand and use your key performance indicators
  • Asking your people and making it safe for them to tell the truth and even say “no"

We invite you to listen to the podcast here. Happy listening!

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