Wendy Schmidt

About Wendy

Wendy is an accounting professional with over 15 years of experience.  She has held several roles in her accounting career, starting as a staff accountant through promotion to a controller with full oversight of the accounting department and financial aspects of the corporation. She later owned and operated a small business bookkeeping company.  Wendy has a broad working knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, reconciliations, general ledger, software systems setup, and bank audits. 

Wendy has a strong work ethic. She understands business and the role and challenges of management. Whether working independently or in a group, she remains motivated, organized, focused, and strives to complete tasks. She enjoys meeting, collaborating with, and assisting clients.

Wendy brings strong experience and interpersonal skills to her client’s projects.

Wendy Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt

Industry Experience

Advertising, Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Restaurant, Service


  • Xavier University, Industry Specific Courses, Accounting

On a Lighter Note

What are some causes you support?
I am an avid supporter of the United States Military as my oldest son is in the Air Guard and hopes to become active duty after earning his degree.

Have you ever driven or piloted anything other than a car or light truck?
I had my motorcycle license and a Honda 350 that I rode for fun. But what was even more fun than riding my Honda were the times I was able to drive a friend’s Harley Davidson Low Rider.

Do you root for any specific sports teams?
I always enjoy rooting for my children’s soccer and volleyball teams. Over the next four years, I’m excited to cheer on my youngest son’s collegiate volleyball team in Chicago.