Kaiser Consulting is experienced in helping businesses comply with the governing laws of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Financial Institution and Exchange Laws (J-SOX). While many companies struggle with these complicated pieces of legislation, our team has the experience to expedite regulatory compliance, simplify the implementation and reduce the cost and complexity of compliance and ongoing maintenance.

Kaiser Consulting’s SOX/J-SOX methodologies have been expertly developed by the same people who lead and manage our engagements. Since the SOX/J-SOX pieces of legislation were enacted, our team has developed, amended, and streamlined our methodologies to operate efficiently for clients of all industries and sizes. Kaiser Consulting is able to custom-build a valuable SOX/J-SOX solution for each client’s needs by adapting our methodologies to the company’s particular circumstances.


  1. Project planning and management
  2. Documentation of processes and controls, both business process and IT General Controls
  3. Identification of key controls and missing controls
  4. Testing and evaluation of the design effectiveness of controls
  5. Development and execution of test plans for operating effectiveness
  6. Optimization of controls by identifying and eliminating duplicate or redundant controls
  7. Paperless electronic documentation of risk control matrices, test plans and all testing evidence, including documentation of review and approvals of all e-documents
  8. Remediation and recommendations related to control gaps
  9. Monitoring and reporting project results
  10. Bilingual consultants